At-Home Entertainment & Learning Resources

Wow, to say this is an interesting time in history is quite the understatement. However, we are enthralled and impressed by the incredible resources being brought to us by local and national learning institutes. Technology has turned from many parent's nightmares to their new best friend. Check out some of our favorites for ways to experience museums, art and culture like never before! 

Maybe even throw caution to the wind and order a pizza from your favorite local restaurant (they say cheese complements wine after all) and schedule a family virtual escape at a museum! 

Austin Public Library 

Austin public Library has a “Virtual Library” where you can read, listen, watch on your computer or mobile device 24/7 when you download or stream eBooks, eAudiobooks, magazines, movies and music. For more information, visit

Austin ISD Learning-At-Home 

AISD provides optional resources to include a range of ideas for online and offline activities that student can work on at home independently, with family members, or with other adults. Additional resources will be added, please check back periodically. For access, visit

UT Biodiversity Center 

UT Biodiversity Center offers a live falcon camera to observe the UT Tower, which is home to a female Peregrine Falcon, nicknamed “Tower Girl.” For more information, visit

Google Arts & Culture 

Google Arts & Culture hosts a virtual collection available to explore iconic locations in 3D, including iconic museums and monuments. For more information, visit

Monterrey Bay Aquarium 

Watch ten live webcams to watch various ocean experiences, including coral reefs, jellyfish, and penguins. For more information, visit

Smithsonian National Zoo 

With four live webcams to watch their naked mole rats, lions, giant pandas, and elephants, you and you family will be entertained and educated! For more information, visit

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

This national treasure offers virtual tours of their current exhibits. For more information, visit

Smithsonian Institute 

Smithsonian Institute provides online resources for kids. For more information, visit


Scholastic is offering at-home learning resources for children. For more information, visit