Multi-use developments more peripheral to downtown Austin signify a much needed transition to the way people gather, work, play and commute in Austin. With multi-use developments like the Domain and a surge of Northside tech hubs,  Austin is on the verge of a much awaited metamorphosis into a geographically diversified metroplex.

Limited inventory and "sticker shock" housing prices within the urban core continue to drive residents to relocate to the suburbs where homes can still be purchased for around $250,000 to $500,000 in Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown and Round Rock. Residents in Cedar Park, Leander and Round Rock are already starting to see prices climb as luxury markets enter the neighborhood in anticipation of the new multi-use development Indigo Ridge.  

Parallel in vision to the Domain, the eight phase Indigo Ridge project is set to break ground in 2020. Indigo Ridge will consist of 155-acres of mixed use space, where residents can work, play, shop, and socialize.  Located a few miles east of Cedar Park’s downtown core at the intersection of Whitestone Boulevard and County Road 175, this center is changing the entire landscape of Cedar Park and neighboring suburbs. 

The design of Indigo Ridge is influenced by the area's natural limestone elements and plays homage to the area's rich immigrant ranching/farming heritage. Each of the eight micro-neighborhoods flare a unique personality and design.  In juxtaposition to typical suburban pattern, landscaped pedestrian paths and walkable streets weave together recreation, restaurants, bars, retail, residences, and job sites, throughout these interconnecting neighborhoods. 

Austin is truly at the edge of its seats as these surrounding suburbs gain their own distinct urban landscape that is both distinctive -yet indicative to- a Greater Austin identity.