Spring COVID 19 Austin Real Estate Trends Up!

Jul 2, 2020 Taylor Real Estate
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When COVID 19 began to shift the paradigm of the housing market, many people wondered, "Why list right now?" Well, to start, because buyers were still lining up to buy. Despite shelter in place guidelines, April reflected some of the quickest days on the market, averaging 8 days! Buyers found new ways to shop and agents found new ways to market homes. After the surprising revelation of high Austin home buyer confidence April and May indicated, sellers began lining up to list their homes once again. Although inventory has been lower overall since the year before (20% lower in May year over year) - the inventory in June compared to May has already doubled! With low interest rates, a fresh canvas of inventory, and safe real estate practices, competitive new construction options, Austinites are finding now, more than ever, is the perfect time to make their move UP.

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