The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and Austin Real Estate

Dec 2, 2020 Taylor Real Estate
Blog Preview

Do you recall The Charlie Brown Christmas Story? Charlie Brown found himself despondent at the commercialism around him so he set out to find the simple, true meaning of Christmas. So what do the Charlie Brown Christmas Story and Taylor Real Estate have in common anyways? We hope quite a bit actually. The truth is, shopping for a house was never really about the "house," but about the much deeper happiness in finding your “home.” It can be easy for many in the sales industry to forget about the true purpose of their job as a Realtor. The realty is, we pay for our home by helping clients find theirs'. However, where we have always strived to be different is you will never be a bottom line or number to us. We consider our clients lifelong friends and family, and will always place your interests and needs above ours. When you find your home, we hope you never "have" to move again – And we LOVE your referrals (hint, hint)! It is our joyful gift of service to prioritize our clients' well-being ahead of profit. This is an honest and simple strategy that is not only "the right thing to do," but promotes longterm success over short time gains. This year we hope the Charlie Brown Tree serves as a reminder to cultivate our sincerest form of servitude. Our gift of lifelong service will always be symbolized in our Taylor Real Estate Tree Emblem as we promise to always stay true to our roots.

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