Moving is stressful for most people. When transitions are propelled by trauma and grief, that stress is confounded exponentially. We have always approached business (and well life) that if there is something we can do to help, then we not only do "something," but "anything" we can. We never considered this a business "strategy" - Just who we are. 

Case Study: Bee Cave Home Transition and Relocation to New Market

When a client lost her husband of 40+ years, she decided to sell her home and relocate closer to her children and grandchildren. As you can imagine, the sheer accumulation of a lifetime of memories can be a daunting task to pile onto grief and moving logistics. 

We asked ourselves the same question we always ask when working with a client, "What ELSE can we do to help?" 

The answer here was clear. 

1. We calmly and efficiently crafted concrete solutions to reduce client's stress. 

2. We ensured client's home investment was protected through tenacious market analysis and concrete ROI options.

3. We assuaged mental and physical clutter by tackling the organizational aspects of packing ourselves and utilizing our professional vendor network.

What did this process look like?

First, we prepared a market analysis of options and made recommendations for value adding improvements. Then we rolled up our sleeves to personally help the owner sort her belongings into move, donate, sell or dispose categories.

Next, we put our client on a plane to visit her kids for a month while our team dove headfirst into work. We coordinated vendors to perform repairs, clean out the home, pack her belongings and prepare the property for sale. The very first weekend we showed the home to 63 buyers and procured full asking price - $34,000 MORE than our competitor's original assessment. Throughout this process, we communicated proactively with the out-of-town realtor to ensure a smooth transition. 

At closing, she came to town to sign the documents and was greeted with a moving van as she embarked on her next phase of life. 

Before our team

After our team

So often when life is hit by a tsunami of grief, stress and logistical nightmares, it is tempting to cut corners to find the easiest solution while sacrificing value. This makes complete sense. However, what if it was possible to get the most for your investment while not having to take on the details and complications of home improvements and decluttering? Well, it is. We take this on so you don't have to and can work directly with a client's attorney as well. Basically, we are here to make sure you don't have to sweat the small stuff or sacrifice the real worth of your home's nest egg. 

The Taylor Real Estate Difference 

We fell in love with this business because our team finds incredible joy carving creative solutions from even the most chaotic circumstances. We are organized problem solvers built to protect your home investment with analytical, emotional and logistical intelligence. 

While many brokerages might claim to go above and beyond, we thought we would let this story speak to what we mean when we say, "We are a full-service real estate brokerage." 

Quite simply, we use our curiosity and relentlessness to search for better answers to seemingly simple questions and are infected with an incurable need to produce results.