This season at Taylor Real Estate, we are embracing the theme of a “Charlie Brown Christmas.” If you are not familiar with the synopsis of the story, it goes something like this… 

Depressed at the commercialism around him, Charlie Brown sets out to find the simple, true meaning of Christmas. The understated leafless “Charlie Brown” tree embraces this symbol of finding simplicity, friendship, and hope during Christmas. What may appear at first glance to be small and sparse actually reveals an often forgotten deeper meaning of Christmas.

A modern day pandemic forced us to slow down and really witness these smaller moments. This year our gatherings may look different, but they have never been more intentional. Obviously, no one is thankful for COVID-19, but we hope there are some residual lessons that persist nonetheless. This year you may not fight quite as much road rage or overcrowded holiday shopping. This year, Christmas may seem smaller in so many ways. However, this year, we also have a rare chance to slow down (even if forced), and witness the simple joys and true meaning of Christmas.

So what does The Charlie Brown Christmas Story have to do with Real Estate?

We believe a lot actually. 

While this Christmas looks different to many, we may uncover the simplest pleasures of home life in unique ways. The truth is, when we help our clients find a home, we hope they do not ever have to move again – We hope you find your forever home. In fact that is why we cherish your referrals - In fact, we hope you move all your friends to your favorite forever neighborhood instead ;-)

However, life changes- needs, resources, location and your definition of your dream home, will often inevitably evolve.  When that happens, we will persist as your guiding expert to help you find a home that grows with you, even as an investment to always set you up for future long term success, regardless of the longevity of your position and vision. 

You see, shopping for a house was never really about the "house," but about the much deeper happiness in finding your “home.” It can be easy for many in the sales industry to forget about the true purpose of their job as a Realtor. The realty is we pay for our home by helping clients find theirs'. However, where we have always strived to be different is you will never be a bottom line or number to us. We consider our clients lifelong friends and family, and will always place your interests and needs above ours. 

It is our authentic role as Realtors - and our gift of service - to always prioritize our clients' well-being ahead of profit. This is an honest and simple strategy that we feel is not only right, but promotes longterm success over short time, shallow gains. 

This year we hope the Charlie Brown Tree can serves as a reminder to cultivate our sincerest form of servitude. Our gift of lifelong service will always be symbolized in our Taylor Real Estate Tree Emblem – Our version of the persistent spirit of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and promise to always stay true to our roots.