What is the "pathway to purchase" in a seller's marker...?

Well, it looks something like this:

1. Full Service Real Estate - What this means to us: Real Estate is about cultivating a broad yet detailed portfolio of experience ranging from investment strategies, neighborhood expertise, community partnerships, and home builder relationships. From the micro to macro scale, we add a depth of knowledge and service well beyond the "car salesman approach" to real estate.

2. Creative solutions - All contracts are not created equal. We write winning offers that make sense for everyone. Are you writing an offer on a home where the seller values a quick simple close over top dollar, or vice versa. It is more important than ever in a tighter market to work with a team that understand one size never fits all.

3. Team Approach - "Better Together": Here is how we kicked off our team meeting yesterday... "I have a buyer looking for ____ what can we find for them team?" The fact is when you have a team of people looking together to help one client, each with a unique lens and added expertise, our client is better positioned to find their dream home, sell their home for top value, all while ensuring as seamless of transition for them as possible.

4. Tenacity - We stay positive, motivated, and work HARD. With integrity, we strive to constantly be solution-focused and find our clients their next dream home.

We will be your pathway to purchase, even in a tight market. Because all that means is now it is more imprint than ever to look for a real estate team that is committed to looking beyond the obvious. There are gorgeous homes waiting for you, but you need a team willing to dig a little bit deeper. 

How to Maximize Move-Up Potential in this Market...

Could you keep the same monthly payments if you purchased a home 5-7 years ago for 450k and moved into a home for 750k today?

Actually -short answer is - YES, likely!

Longer Answer:

Let's do some math. First off, this is a fairly realistic hypothetical as many homes have jumped in value over 20% this year alone!!!

In 2014, interest rates were in the low 4's (4.2 according to Macronet.com) If you put 20 percent down, you were looking at monthly payments of somewhere around $1,800 on a 450k home.

Now, let's say you sale your home today for 200k more and dump this profit back into your next home purchase. Even if you ONLY apply your profit (200k) plus your original downpayment (90k), you would be looking at hypothetically the SAME monthly payment of $1,800 due to the much lower interest rate and high value home sale. This is not even including the accumulated equity you acquired over the last six years that you get to put back into your account.

While it is hard to nail down a move-up position to specific numbers and situations, we encourage you to contact us today so we can set you up with a pro forma analysis so YOU can evaluate your best no-pressure options! For some, this might be the perfect time to consider a move-up, for others we might say, hold a bit. We will give you an honest evaluation either way. 

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