Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or are on your 10th investment property, our skilled and friendly team is here to make your home buying experience an efficient and successful one.

We pride ourselves in being there to assist you during every step of your home buying process, from becoming pre-qualified, to choosing an area and a neighborhood, choosing a home, negotiating a price, having it inspected, and finally closing. And don’t be surprised if we become lifelong friends in the process.

A few tips we think are helpful when considering entrance into the home buying process:

1.) Find a certified, licensed REALTOR. First things first. Find someone who is going to be able to help you understand the areas you are interested in, and stand up for your rights as a home buyer. Real estate can be a litigious, complicated, and rewarding experience. Make sure yours is rewarding. Your realtor should be there with you through every step of the home buying process – from getting qualified, to closing on your home. Remember, most people buy or sell a home only every seven years, and its easy to forget the process and remember your rights. A REALTOR may sell a home every week, and they are able to make sure you make the most efficient use of your time, and most importantly, make sure that you are able to negotiate the best price, and best closing package on your home.

2.) Get pre-qualified. Looking at a dream home you can’t afford is just frusterating for you, not to mention a waste of your time. We want to make the most efficient use of your time by helping you comb through homes that are in a price range that makes the most financial sense for you. We are able to refer you to mortgage brokers who we have used countless times in the past – ensuring that you recieve the best service, rates, and financial advice.

3.) Make a list. Start thinking of what kinds of things are important to you in your next home. Would you like double-sinks in the master bath? Do you do a lot of cooking and want high end appliances in your kitchen? Is energy efficiency important to you? While you may not find a home that includes every single thing on your list, it is helpful to know what you’re looking for when you start!

4.) Learn the area. Meet with your realtor to start understanding the areas that you are most interested in, and what they can offer you. Use our website to learn more about the school districts, resturants, and entertainment each area boasts. Then, begin searching in our “Austin Home Search” section of our website in your price range to see what styles you like. All of this information will be helpful to your our team.

5.) Start shopping with our team. The more information you can provide, the more efficient this process will be. Remember a few key items on shopping days:

Imagine the possibilities. Most homes will not exhibit every single dream item you were hoping for. Think about how you can creatively overcome these obstacles and make the home what you’ve been dreaming about.

Remember resale. Remember that in all liklihood, someday you, too, will have to sell this home. Keep in mind location, quality of construction, floor plan and curb appeal.

6.) Make an offer. If you have done your research with your realtor, you should not have to wonder if you should “wait” to make the offer. Oftentimes, a buyer finds the perfect home at the very beginning of the buying process. Great homes go fast, so if you find one, don’t wait to make the offer, or someone else will. A few things to keep in mind when making an offer:

Understand area home values. Your realtor should pull comparable homes in the area – keep in mind that the price per square foot includes, upgrades, curb appeal and location, which all factor in to how much a home is worth. Remember that the numbers usually don’t lie! Follow their lead, and you won’t have to over-pay for a home.

7.) Have your home inspected & appraised. Your realtor will recommend an inspector, licensed by the State of Texas, to inspect your home. When you recieve the report from the inspector, be diligent in reading it, and ask your realtor to guide you though the process. This stage of the home buying process can often be tricky, as timing is key. Communicate daily with your realtor to be sure that you are able to have any necessary repairs paid for within the option period.

8.) Close on your home. Your realtor should communicate with you often, as you approach closing. Work together to ensure the title company has all necessary documentation for closing. After closing, your realtor will notify you when funding has occured and will give you the keys to your home.

9.) Celebrate! You’ve purchased a home!